Why advertising is so important

When companies think about marketing, they think about advertising for television and radio, advertising in newspapers and magazines and billboards. Not so often they think about the knees. What is stein exactly and why should this be part of your marketing budget?

Simply put, Stein is a German beverage producer that is known all over the world for Oktoberfest. These large mugs contain a large amount of beer, coffee, tea and hot chocolate, and they are often decorated pretty beautifully. Some of them are made of silver, ceramics, stone, bone and even wood. They are most recognizable for their lid, which opens with a thumb lever with a beverage for drinks. Why should this be part of your marketing budget? The reason is that commercials are a great way to advertise your company to hundreds of people at a meager price.

With advertising in newspapers, you pay a few hundred dollars, and several thousand people see your ad. With advertising, several thousand people see or hear ads, but you are worth thousands of dollars. However, with commercials, you spend a few dollars, and hundreds of people see a mug with your logo and company name on it. This is the marketing power of any advertising material, including commercials.

In a typical scenario, when you give your customers a stiletto with your logo and company name on it, they will be very impressed with the gift, as this is not a regular mug. The client will often use commercials, often in front of the company. The most wonderful thing is that whenever they take him for family and friends, you are advertised. Every time someone drinks from a flock, they unconsciously absorb your logo and company name, creating brand recognition for your company. This can last for years, even decades, depending on how cautious your client is with their cups and circles.

The most useful type of budget for hotel marketing is the combination of a historical budget and a budget process based on a zero level. Considering spending trends in the past (borrowed from the historical method) and considering each expense anew (from a zero-based budget), you will be able to get the most accurate figures for your budget.

Budgets can be executed annually, but quarterly budgets give you more flexibility to make rapid changes if the strategy does not work for you. For those who are afraid of obligations, the quarterly budget allows you to decide on a strategy for just 90 days, and then decide whether it’s the strategy you want to continue. After you have completed this combination method, run each position in% of sales against total revenue. When the number of your earnings fluctuates, “this%” will allow you to align the game board for a quick comparison.

And for the sake of pity, use the budget! Once created, your budget should be reviewed weekly or monthly. Check your budget before making a purchase or approving an account. All these invoices will be coded back to your department, and in the end, you will have to answer for them.

Marketing is informing customers about your company. It’s about returning your current customers and finding new customers to increase the customer base. The more customers you have, the more money you bring to the company, and the more your company can expand. As a result, you have to look at a variety of ways to promote yourself to the market and one of the best ways to do this, for what you get for the small amount that you pay – are promotional products. Promotional items, such as commercials, are a great way to advertise your company for years and years. The ads in the newspaper remain for one week, radio and television ads remain for several days a week. All this cost you money, a lot. Nevertheless, tables and other promotional items continue for years and years and are very scarce. Does not that seem like a good option for your marketing budget?



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