Finding New Employees

As a new business owner, you may not be aware of the many
options available to help you find new employees. The following is a list of
resources to consider when you are looking to add new employees to your

Employee Referrals
This is a great source that is often overlooked. Your
employees very well know your company, your policies, and work standards.
Employees rarely recommend people that they cannot vouch for as they are
putting their own reputation on the line.

Print Media
Newspapers and other print media have been the most used
resource to advertise for new employees traditionally. While there are many
other options that exist, this is still a viable resource to consider.
Newspapers charge by the size of the ad, so you may want to be economical with
your use of words and use abbreviations so long as they can be clearly understood.

Your Own Website
Here candidates will learn about your company as well as the
details regarding the open position. This is an excellent opportunity for
Employment Branding – sell your company as an excellent place to work!

The Internet
There are many providers of job listing services. The costs
vary and they can be an invaluable source of new employees. Unlike ads in the
newspapers, you can be as descriptive as you need about the job qualifications
and requirements, word limitations are very generous. Take advantage of the
tools available to qualify the applicants. Some sites allow you to ask
questions and then score the applicants so you that can focus on those people
who meet your criteria.

Professional Organizations
Many professional organizations have job posting boards.
Some are free while others charge to list an ad. If your job requires a certain
expert background, this may be a good way to source good employees.

Education Institutions
Community Colleges, Universities, etc. may be excellent
sources for new employees, especially for internship and part-time
opportunities. You may post your positions for little or no cost in most cases.

Job Fairs
If you have several posts to fill, a job fair may be the way
to approach your hunt. It is normally not cost effective to participate in a
job fair for one or two positions. Plan for enough staff to manage your booth
at the job fair, particularly if it’s an all-day event. It is advised that you
collect resumes and then schedule the interviews at a later date.

Recruitment/Temporary Agencies
Recruiting agencies can also be a resource for new
employees. They can work in several ways. However, you may want to let the
agency know immediately if someone is not working out. You don’t have to keep
them for long. They will be more than happy to find someone who’ll be a better
fit to keep you satisfied as a client.

Government/Social Services Agencies
Government and social services agencies can provide job search support to their clients. Most of
these candidates have not been successful in getting employment on their own.
Some are disadvantaged in terms of their background, criminal record, etc., and
may not meet your hiring standards. It’s best to be upfront regarding your
hiring standards so they can refer appropriate candidates.
There you have it! These are some of the best places that
you can find new employees for you company.




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